All leather items can last for a lifetime if they are regularly maintained and treated well. You need to clean and nourish your leather to help retain its durability and texture. Leather should be polished and conditioned monthly if worn frequently.

Luckily, Cowhide is a naturally stain resistant and repellent material. For basic care & maintenance, just clean the cowhide hair with a brush, moving in the direction of hair.

Natural hair on hides are not only uniquely beautiful, it’s one of easiest material to keep looking new and fresh for many years!

Genuine leather, cowhide and suede are all natural products making each of our items have a unique appearance in colour, feel, markings and texture. There are colour variations in different lots of leather and no two pieces can look the same, also please be aware that with continuous use some malting may occur and this uniqueness creates a distinct appearance – Making your item special!

To prolong the life of your cowhide or leather product, please treat your item very delicately by avoiding: – Excessive rubbing- Rough surfaces- Areas containing high moisture – direct sunlight. In cowhide products- hair fall is natural and may occur.